MedMat Demonstration
Clinical Protection

Reassuring Experience
MedMat® is a two layer system providing the clinician with the appropriate surfaces to apply aseptic non touch techniques during the different stages of the procedure, separating the ‘dirty’ from the ‘clean’ elements of the process.

The highly absorbent top layer will protect surfaces, such as a patient’s bed or surgical trolley from potential contamination by infectious waste.

The bottom absorbent layer remains clean for later stages of the procedure, such as applying a new wound dressing.

At each stage the integrated waste bag will collect and contain all non sharp waste created during the procedure, including product packaging, used bandages and the actual layers of the MedMat®.

Patient Reassurance
MedMat® improves the patient’s experience by reassuringly containing all the waste created during the procedure and maintaining a clean and tidy environment.
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Posted: March 20, 2013
MedMat Procedure Packs
Farla Medical has produced a range of procedure packs that include MedMat. They are to be introduced to the UK market at the start of March 2013 and will gradually be made available to overseas custom...
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Posted: April 20, 2012
European Patent Grant
The European Patent Office has accepted the ErgoMedica patent application for Grant. MedMat will now have the full Patent protection in this vast marketplace. ErgoMedica will look for distribution par...
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