MedMat Demonstration
What is MedMat

A New Standard of Care
Ergomedica understand the need for innovative new products to meet clinical needs in a modernised health service. Whilst basic ways of reducing HCAI’s (health care associated infections) have remained unchanged, new innovations like MedMat® will facilitate a sustainable improvement in clinical standards ultimately helping you to meet your challenging goals and targets more quickly.

MedMat® has been designed to provide clinicians with a more appropriate modern device for under-taking dressing changes and clinical evaluation has proven that MedMat® is indeed suitable for a broad spectrum of clinical processes. It protects patients and clinicians providing a clean environment in which to carry out any procedure requiring a sterile field.

The unique two layer system is designed to lead a more aseptic approach and provide a barrier to cross contamination.
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Posted: March 20, 2013
MedMat Procedure Packs
Farla Medical has produced a range of procedure packs that include MedMat. They are to be introduced to the UK market at the start of March 2013 and will gradually be made available to overseas custom...
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Posted: April 20, 2012
European Patent Grant
The European Patent Office has accepted the ErgoMedica patent application for Grant. MedMat will now have the full Patent protection in this vast marketplace. ErgoMedica will look for distribution par...
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